Sensors for plant automation control and process automation control can provide customized solutions for special applications based on the existing configuration
Intelligent liquid level material level sensor
Suitable for solid and liquid with dielectric constant ≥1.5
Universal intelligent liquid level sensor
Sensors for plant automation control and process automation control On the basis of the existing shape structure can provide customized solutions in special application environment
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Biological fermenter liquid level detection
Material testing of grain processing equipment
Process control pipeline material monitoring
The pharmaceutical tank detects liquid levels
      Jining Xiangrun Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, is a research and development and manufacturing process instrument products based production enterprises, the company since its establishment focused on intelligent instrument sensor research and development, production and manufacturing. The main products are high-end intelligent sensors for liquid level detection, with anti-hanging material, high/low temperature resistance, oil resistance, can detect high viscous liquid slurry, foam liquid and powder materials and other functions. With single output, double output, pulse modulation output, large current relay output and other intelligent sensors. The products are widely used in food and beverage, food and feed, biomedicine, fine chemicals, light industrial machinery, waste water and liquid, industrial waste, household waste treatment equipment, environmental protection projects, new energy and various industrial links and many other important industries. With the company's technical research and development strength, as well as the professional technical cooperation with the American KFControls team in the sensor field, the product sales area for the global market. Provide customers with specific solutions that meet their actual needs.
    The company always adhere to the quality of survival for the purpose of strengthening quality management, through ISO9001 quality management, CE, explosion-proof certification and other authoritative system certification and product certification. For customers, service providers and employees, our sensor products are the most trusted and reliable partner.
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Customer focus has always been our core philosophy, our mission is to continue to provide the most advanced and innovative solutions for sensor customers around the world.
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      Local discharge is mainly dry-type transformers, transformers and some other high-voltage electrical equipment under the action of high voltage, the internal insulation of the discharge occurs.
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